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Performance Art Stavanger presents, in collaboration with Studio K, an exhibition with a 3-day interactive performance by artist Veslemøy Flotve.


"There are many memories in the clothes we wear every day. They can say something about who we are, where we come from and what time we live in. There is a lot of history and memories in our clothes. The smell of a grandfathers jacket, the colour on your Norwegian-teachers jersey, the first leather jacket you bought with your own money. The garment gives an insight into what we carry every day. "


Everything That We Have Carried is a project that explores textiles ability to hold on to memories and bring stories to life. The project started with the artist processing inherited clothes from female relatives, which she cut into strips and knitted into a large textile work. In the exhibition at Studio K, Flotve invites the public to take part in a ritual that develops over three stages. Deconstruction of used clothing, transformation and reconstruction into something bigger.


You are invited to bring clothes you no longer need, preferably clothes with your own stories and memories attached to them, and take part in the various stages.

alt det me har bore, header.JPG

Everything that we have carried

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