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Find Adrian Jorkjen 


Persona (1966) Film synopsis: “An actor experiences a breakdown, remains mute and seeks convalescence on a deserted island with a caregiver. Here, a mysterious overlap is experienced where the two are part of a cross-border exploration of identity." The bedroom and the bed become a center for intimate exchanges, a focus that the artist continues to work on. Keywords for the artist's exploration: The stream of consciousness, movement of desire, quiet voice.


Tor Erik Bøe 


Scenes from a Marriage (1972). Film synopsis "Marriage presented as a harmonious facade at the same time it approaches dissolution. A bare and raw depiction of how couples are sometimes tormented by the attempt to maintain communication." The plot unfolds in a series of six chapters and is furthered by Tor Erik with a queer and autobiographical approach. Keywords for the artist are: The bond, dematerialisation and indecent pleasantness.


Hans Edward Hammonds 


Cries and Whispers (1973) Film synopsis: "The scenes depicts four women whose relationship with life and death intensifies when one of them is about to die. The need for physical contact straddles the line of tenderness and rejection. Red and white scenography and textiles are present throughout staged to evoke thoughts of the soul". Color symbolism and physical touch are elements the artist has chosen to work with further. Key words: Heart to hand, turning point, interpersonal observation.


Veslemøy Flotve 


Autumn Sonata (1978) Film synopsis: "After many years of separation, a mother and daughter meet to confront the wounds of the past. The mother's ambition as a classical pianist has tested the caring role and the relationship with both daughters is alienated and strained." The film was originally conceived as three acts: morning, afternoon and evening which is one of the ideas that Veslemøy is implementing. Key words for the Artist: Weight, opus and obsession.


Anna Berndtson 


Bergman Anthology (1953-1979) Berndtson uses extended time as approach and is present for the audience for a full 12 hours. The "long durational" method is a marathon and signature for the artist. From afternoon to midnight, Berndtson explores "live performance collage" and refers to a total of 12 Bergman films. Face to Face (1976), Shame (1969), The Virgin Spring (1960)Summer with Monika (1953), The Seventh Seal (1957)Through a Glass Darkly(1961), Winter Light (1963) and The Silence (1963), in addition to the films already mentioned . This opens up for parallel readings between works and participating artists. Key words: Time.


Espen Birkedal 


Birkedal pursues a well-established interest in the Bergman universe when creating a podcast for this project. In which he supplies the artists with references, fun-facts and allied fabrications. Birkedal presents a series of drawings and interviews the participants at an early stage of the process where they only sense what is to come. Ideas, derailments and thoughts are shared on how to approach the film material and translate into performance art for the present. 

Kjetil Røed 


Writes about film, literature and art. Author of the books Death and Art and Life and Art, subtitled - An instruction manual. One chapter include the experience with the film Persona, first seen when fourteen years old. As editor of Billedkunst, Røed has an overview of the art-field and credible thoughts on the manifesto and what he happens to observe this weekend. We meet him for a conversation in the café.

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