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12.00-18.00 Workshop with Anna Berndtson / Stage 1 (Advance registration NOK 350)



19.00-20.00 Artist talk with Anna Berndston and curator Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh / Stage 1

20.00-21.00 Find Adrian Jorkjen / Stage 1

21.00-22.00 Tor Erik Bøe Friday / Stage 1

22.00 + DJ MØTE / Stage 1 



12.00-24.00 Anna Berndtson / Stage 1

12.00-24.00 podcast by Espen Birkedal, available all day café/ Stage 2

13.00 (Café)- 18.00 (Stairs)- 22.00 (Outside) Veslemøy Flotve 

15.00-18.00 Hans Edward Hammonds / Stage 2

21.00 A conversation with Kjetil Røed and Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh / Café

23.00 Soup is served

24.00 Anna Berndtson ends her performance in stage 1


Thursday starts with a workshop with Anna Berndtson (pre-registration 12 people only.) Get to know core techniques and signifying mindset of performance art. Friday begins with an artist-talk, followed by two live performances and a DJ. Saturday is the last day and we present three performers durational work. You may enter, stay or withdraw as you please. The podcasts are available throughout the day and in the late hours soup will be served for the audience who endures the time-bridge to Sunday night.

Entry Friday and Saturday free of charge.
The program is presented by the PAS production group: Veslemøy Flotve, Alice Darby, Sarah Fjørtoft, Jessica Yunqi Xie and Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh.


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