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About Reapers and Sowers


24th-28th of Oktober Peter Fjørtoft Jacobsen will ba working with the nostalgia-filled, preindustrial, and national-romantic exhibition, “About Reapers and Sowers” at Studio K. You’re invited to work alongside the artist with hay, twine, your own reflections about work, and audio excerpts from labor and workplaces. What is created during the project period will be gathered and presented as part of an exhibition at the end of the week.

About Reapers and Sowers" is part of an exploration of labor as an activity and economic necessity. What effect does vocation have on one's sense of self, to which degrees are exhaustion satisfying, and has modern technology and attitudes changed people's perceptions of labor? What configuration occurs in a workplace with minimal structure, where its laborers can come and go as they please, and work as much or little as they would like?


Visitors have the opportunity to see and participate in the process during the week, which results in a performance on Saturday 28 October.
Participation and process work 24, 25, 26 and 27.10.23: 15.30-20.00.
Performance Saturday 28.10.23: 15.00-17.00

Free entrance

Here is the event on facebook.

Peter Fjørtoft Jacobsen (b. 1995) is an artist based in Stavanger with a bachelors in fine artfrom KMD. He works conceptually with repetition, degradation, and liminality. Repetition is in everything. From how simple cells replicate themselves into complex
lifeforms, to the daily routines those lifeforms create for themselves. I’m obsessed by my own makeup, the makeup of all else, and the often arbitrary lines others and I use to define it as different from ourselves, and ourselves from each other.

Like designers often draw inspiration from nature when stumped by how to design an object with a particular function, I play a similar association game using the innate functions of ready-mades, not unlike how a naughty child armed with a screwdriver would attack their light-up keyboard to inspect its organs. While kids often do this out of a curiosity of which organ does what, to better understand what gives the object its qualities, they often render the object in disrepair as a consequence of their research. Something else the child learns from autopsing their toys, is that objects are never just that, but rather a collection of complex structures that act harmoniously to the degree of entirely erasing their individuality. I become uneasy thinking about the designer's efforts to distill a product’s components into one word, obfuscating its materials, journey, and labor.

What's always captivated me is the concept of malfunction, and degradation. How components that are made to perform simple, but precise actions repetitively eventually revolt, flatly refusing to do the task they were assigned, but instead do something intended by none. In this space they are ungovernable, and to me, beautiful.

Studio K is a project space and gallery for contemporary art, founded in June 2018 in Time Municipality. It is an artist-run initiative run by Espen Lending Kleiveland and Kari Ann Lending Kleiveland. Here they create an arena where different people and practices can meet. Studio K has an experimental profile and presents both local, national and international practitioners.


Studio K
Kvernelandsvegen 41
4355 Kvernaland

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