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Based on Ingmar Bergman's cinematic universe, five premiering performance art works are presented during a weekend. Five artists have chosen films and developed a response which re-actualize the material. Developed in reference to a collective creation of iconic images, intense presence, ground-breaking compositions and sensitive details, on the whole a cinematic signature that inspire.


But why Bergman, now? One factor is that our film selection, primarily from the 1960s and 70s, are coinciding with several recurring historical parallels in addition to the formation of performance art expression. A time when the criticism of capitalism and anthropocentrism was strongly activated, an activism which today is pressing as the consequences of prior ignorance are unfolding. Another relevant factor is that the core of Bergman's films pivots ambivalence, particularly the swing between belief and doubt.  Ambivalence is also the very phenomenon which describe metamodernism (the ongoing articulation of zeitgeist).  Expressed in the metamodern manifesto with the metaphor of mercury. "A mercurial state beyond optimism and doubt, in pursuit of a plurality of disparate and elusive horizons." A pendulum reaction to our crisis-ridden moment” summarized with the request to “go forth and oscilliate!".


To explore the oscilliation between paralysis and action. This dynamic and ambivalence is the overall context for our artists and is perhaps most noticeably expressed in the long durational performance over twelve hours. Live images outstretched from morning to evening, which will inherently challenge how action and stagnation are identified. When something happens or doesn't happen is ultimately a subjective and graded rating. Does something happen when the light falls on a wrinkle between the eyebrows? Do you observe the phenomenon of sleep as action? Or do you wait, with increasing unrest and awareness for an action that avoid manifestation?


The artists have been in contact with each other during the process and produce work which respond to their audience, that is to say that your presence will directly affect what happens, and does not happen, this weekend in autumn.


We wish you a Hearty Welcome 

Curator Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh

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