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Four times a year, Performance Art Stavanger invites a performance artist to Rogaland Art Centre. Together with the host and the audience, we delve into interesting and relevant topics within performance and the artist's own process.

Where the conversation will go, and what happens along the way, is entirely up to the participants.


Performance café is a pleasant space where performance artists and others who might be interested are invited to come together to exchange experiences, inspiration and talk about what engages us. 


This time we have invited Al Greenall (@al_greenall) who works with performance through his alter ego Rusty Buttknuckle (@rusty_buttknuckle) and Andreas Johan Johansen (phonebook) who works performatively with sound art.

More information about the event here:
Facebook arrangement

We'll be starting the conversation 14. of September 19:00 at Rogaland Kunstsenter.


Performance cafe is supported by BKH and Stavanger Municipality.

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